Shooting for Composites workshop

We had a great bunch of people come along to the Shooting for Composites workshop a few weeks ago. It's always great to meet up with new and existing friends.

We started the day with an introduction to the topics we would cover, and had a flexible itinerary to work to throughout the day.  

Following some photographic theory and lighting principles we progressed onto setting the lighting and shooting the model.

Its always important to get hands on, its much easier to absorb information and develop more of an understanding by being practical.

Our model for the day was Michela, and the photographers attending all had their own ideas on the type of pose and shot they wanted from her to build their own composite image. Michela is a very experienced model, and gave quite a few different poses on the day as directed by the photographers.


We then looked at the key elements that hold composite images together, and what makes them work, and what things to avoid.

Then it was time to get hands on with Photoshop, and work to composite the images into new backgrounds.

Using procedures learnt on the day, the group began the creative process, and worked through techniques such as colour balancing. Its always great to see people have that 'Light Bulb' moment, and I saw a few of them on the day.  With having a flexible itinerary I was able to look at things in a little more detail if somebody wasn't sure about something.     

The important part of the workshop, was the understanding of the principles and techniques. The group members put together some works on the day, but Im really looking forward to seeing the results as they have time and opportunity to work in their own environment. 

This is one of the composite images I am currently working on from the day featuring Michela. 

Im always very grateful to the people that work with me. I was very fortunate to have the lovely Michela model. Michela is very patient and always attentive to what different photographers are looking to achieve, and also a lot of fun. 

And finally a picture of the lovely bunch of people I got to spend the day with.