FIAP Gold Medal for Gold Carolina Alexandria International Photography Exhibition

After realising I needed to add 5 countries to the list of countries I have had work accepted into in International Photography Exhibitions, in order to apply for The EFIAP distinction award. I submitted work into 7 new countries to have a good chance of achieving what was required.

The Exhibitions I submitted work to were located in Egypt, Germany, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, Vietnam, Spain and Croatia. 

I was succesful in having work accepted into all 7 exhibitions I applied to, with several images winning awards.

FIAP Gold Medal - Gold Carolina

FIAP Gold Medal - Gold Carolina

The final notification arrived from The Alexandria International Photography Exhibition, Egypt. They accepted 8 pieces of work into the exhibition, and Gold Carolina was awarded The FIAP Gold Medal.

The Alexandria International Photography Exhibition had patronage from:
FIAP Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique
UPI United Photographers International
RPS Royal Photographic Society
There were 2186 photographs entered, by 242 photographers from 53 countries. 

Alexandria International Photography Exhibition