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Creating images through the lens and imagination

I'm running this workshop in conjunction with Olympus UK on August 16th 2014.

This workshop is all about giving the experience of making and taking an idea for a picture, then formulating that idea and putting it into practice.

In this workshop experience day we will look at the initial planning and development of a concept. We will discuss and build up our choice of lighting, and put this into practice using regular Olympus flashguns that people can reproduce with their own equipment at home. This method is the same as the one I employed when making “The Rabbit” series, and can also be applied to many different subjects.

We will get hands on with the cameras and discuss settings and ideas. We will show how we can make studio quality images using Olympus micro 4/3rds cameras and speed lights. After we have taken the photographs, we will discuss finishing them in Lightroom and Photoshop, and the different looks we can achieve. We will touch on a lot of information and techniques through the day, but in a light and non technical way, making the day suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced photographers.

There is no requirement to be an Olympus user to join the workshop, you will be equally as welcome using other brands as well, although to take part your camera must have a hotshoe fitting, and must be able to shoot in full manual mode.

We will have spare Olympus cameras for you to try out or work with on the day, and I will be working with my Olympus E-M1. We will also have an Olympus expert with us to help out with camera settings for people wanting to try out an Olympus but may not familiar with the cameras layout.

Bookings are being handled by Olympus, please follow the link below to book on,

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