Associateship Distinction Award - ASWPP

I recently applied for and was awarded Associateship with The Societies SWPP.

The panel of images I used were from my Conceptual Relationship series, and are images I've shot and created as part of a personal project over the last few years.

The pictures reflect different types of relationships that a person has with themselves, other people, religion, addiction, and can be interpreted a number of ways by the viewer. When showing these pictures they often provoke discussion and a number of different meanings can come from them the viewers.  

AWPP Panel of images

AWPP Panel of images

The panel was judged by 4 judges, and each judge marked the panel in six categories, each category carrying a maximum score of 20 , with two of the four judges marked straight 20's through all six categories, and awarding the maximum available score.

All four judges took the time to make comments on the panel and I received some great feedback and critique.

The SWPP is a society that represent professional wedding and portrait photographers, and is further represented by The Societies, the largest photographic society in Europe.
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