Scottish Guest Speaking Tour

I was recently invited to guest speak in Scotland. With the distance involved and time investment to do so, it was suggested I could visit three photography clubs on three different nights and deliver a presentation to each.

So off to Bonnie Scotland I went, visiting first Dundee Photographic Society, then the following day visiting Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club near Glasgow, and lastly but not least visiting Dumfries Camera Club.

Dawn White from Dundee did a lot of work organising and coordinating the Scottish tour, and I am very grateful for all her hard work and hospitality. 

Dundee Photographic Society is a strong club, and has members that I have admired for many years as photographers, Rikki O'Neill and Al Buntin to name just two, and it was a real honour to present to them. Following a lovely dinner with Dawn, I presented to the club and ended the night in the Trades Bar with a group of club members. I always find it a bit surreal when  I find I know people through their photography without actually meeting them, and it was just the case with a great photographer I had met for the first time, but knew his work, David Sadler.




I decided to revisit The Trades Bar the following day, as the stained glass windows had caught my eye and I wanted to see how they looked in the daylight hours. I visited mid-morning thinking the pub would be empty, but it was already in good flow. The results of my visit are here

So on to Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club near Glasgow. Another good club which I enjoyed presenting to. We met up for dinner before the presentation, and also had a few drinks at the end of the night with a few members. A very friendly and accommodating club.

So the final trilogy of the trip, Dumfries Camera Club. Dumfries CC boast the most MPAGB members in its membership out of all the clubs associated to The PAGB. So absolutely no pressure in presenting my work to them then! Joking aside it is also home to some of the finest club photographers in The UK, and it was a great honour to present to them, another friendly and knowledgable club. I was treated to dinner by Rod Wheelans  and also in what seems to be the Scottish tradition, taken for a drink to the local pub after the presentation by a few of the members.

I really enjoyed my time on this Scottish tour, I met up with some old friends, made plenty of new ones, and had the opportunity to show my work at the same time.