Shooting for Composites Workshop - Chester April 2016

We ran a shooting for Composites workshop in Chester at the start of April 2016. 

With another great group of people involved we had a fabulous day, and although I've ran this workshop a few times, its still a kick to see the pennies dropping as people attending start to join the dots and see how things go together and work.

We had a theme of a pair of super heros, and our pair of models again stepped up to the mark and delivered. The makeup by Rebecca was as ever excellent, and the whole team were a joy to work with.

We started the day with coffee and a presentation of theory behind what we would be doing through the day. 

Once the theory and techniques we will be utilising are completed, we get hands on and shoot the models which is always a hive of activity with people trying different poses and ideas out.

The last part of the day, we put an image together and reinforce what we have learnt through the day.

A huge thank you to the people that came along and attended, it really was a pleasure to see and work with everyone.