Hanging with 'The Big Dog'

Last week I spent 3 days hanging with 'The Big Dog' Damian McGillicuddy on his 'Big Shoot Experience'. for readers that don't know, Damian is The Olympus UK Principle photographer.  Damian shot with the Olympus E-M5 MKII and Profoto B1 and B2 lighting kits, which just like Damian never missed a beat and produced stunning results.

We took over an abandoned school and Damian built sets and trained photographers on the use of set building, light and styling. 

We had a good mix of people with varying levels of photography skill, and the 3 days were nothing short of fantastic.

Damian had kindly supported a Photo Walk I had organised the week before, so it was a real honour for me to get to run with 'The Big Dog' for a few days and get an insight into how he works, and how he creates those signature images of his.

Damians crew and the models James, Portia and Jess made for a great 3 days of fun. 

I even managed to grab a few frames myself!

And finally a massive thank you to Damian and the crew for all the goodness and kindness they gave behind the scenes, its the unseen things that are often the most important.

Check out Damian's work and training at his website.

Terry Donnelly Training here next workshop 31st May Liverpool.