Chester Races - Boodles May Festival 2015

The start of the racing season at Chester brought three very different days in terms of weather and photography. The we had light rain on Wednesday, a dry cloudy day on Thursday and a very wet and miserable day on Friday.





The horse racing action was good across the three days with some terrific race post finishing. 

Clever Cookie

Clever Cookie



The Friday was the wettest, and the ground was very soft. This caused a lot of soil to be airborne, and the horses and jockeys to be covered in mud at the end of the race. This made for some different photo opportunities from the normal. The riding skills of the jockeys were really tested in the soft ground, and the horses enjoyed running in the conditions.




Chester Racecourse had contacted me asking to supply some racing pictures from last season. It was a real thrill to see my pictures being being shown on the large LED panel between the finishing post and paddock access area. 

The weather was very different across the three days of the festival, and tailored the type of photography I could shoot.

The unusually soft ground produced some different types of pictures I would normally get to take. The horses and jockeys receiving a good covering of Chester best top soil.

All in all a great, although wet festival, and Im already looking forward to the next meeting, which will hopefully be dry.

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