Liverpool Photo Walk - Sunday 26th April

After a few conversations with some friends wanting to get together for a photo walk, I decided to organise one on Sunday 26th April at Liverpools waterfront in the city centre. The purpose was a good old fashioned get together, to take pictures, meet people and enjoy a coffee along the walk in a relaxed manner. We had beginners as well as more seasoned photographers on the walk and it was great to see the sharing of knowledge and experience. 

Initially I had envisaged attracting 20 to 30 people, but we ended up with closer to 80 people there on there at the start, and a few more joined in during the walk.

Picture courtesy of Steve Brophy (thanks Ste)

Picture courtesy of Steve Brophy (thanks Ste)

The route started at the end of the terminal, and a few people took the opportunity to photograph two military frigates that were in the dock. Other photographers photographed people, architecture, river boats, inside the museum, inside the art gallery in cafe's the breadth of the photographic genres is nothing short of impressive.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, new friends and many social media friends for the first time. Chatting online is one thing, meeting people personally a whole new world, and we had some great people join us the walk.

I managed to take a few pictures in between the walking, talking and coffee!

Really looking forward to doing some more Photo Walks through the summer.


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