2nd Shooting for Composites Workshop

Yesterday we had a great bunch of people join us on the 2nd Shooting for Composite workshop in November. We initially planned on just running a single day, but it has proved so popular we are running 3 in November, with the third being on Saturday 29th November. 

The day started off with reception, tea and coffee and introduction. We looked at some lighting principles, lighting setups and examples of how composite work is lit professionally in the movie industry. This gave a better foundation for the hands on work we would do later, and a greater appreciation of light and how it is used.


We then shot some backgrounds to be used in the composite image, and some textures. After looking at some Photoshop techniques we then got hands on and shot our model.  


The group set about putting into practice what we had learnt earlier, and proceeded to put their images together.




This was a really focussed group of people that I enjoyed working with. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they produce in the future.


Check ou the training Dates on the website if you are interested in attending any future events, or email for 1 to 1 or specific enquiries terry@terrydonnelly.co.uk